Apr 19, 2010

Time Out Malaysia Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

“Everything You Need To Know”

All you gourmets and party aficionados, rejoice! The Time Out Malaysia Restaurants, Bars and Clubs Guide has hit the newsstands! With over 500 restaurants and over 400 bar listings and reviews, its time you put on your party shoes and get ready to have some fun!
Time Out Guides are renowned across the world for giving honest, trustworthy and comprehensive advice on specific destinations. What makes them unique is that the content is all written by “insider” experts who actually live and breathe the city, region and country they write about. Hence readers get a true view of the subject matter with opinions they can rely on.

In this edition, Time Out Malaysia Restaurants Bars & Clubs profiles and describes the dining, drinking and partying scene in Malaysia. With a nationwide scope, TOMRBC has several informative, relevant articles but the bulk of the guide is made up of nearly 1,000 listings of the outlets – good and bad – you need to know.

Other salient features of the Guide:
• Malaysia-wide listings guide to dining, drinking & clubbing
• Over 500 restaurant listings, nearly 400 bars & clubs
• Fay Khoo, the acclaimed food writer worked as Food Editor on the guide
• Sam Coleman, Time Out KL’s Nightlife Editor edited the Bars & Clubs section
• Following on from the hugely successful Time Out Malaysia Visitor’s Guide released in 2009, the Time Out Malaysia brand extends to Restaurants, Bars & Clubs in the first edition of this annual publication.

So, whether you are new to Malaysia or not, if you want to know where to go to eat the best Nasi Lemak or where to get the best Foie Gras, Where not to go for a Cosmopolitan or where to get the best Teh O’ Ais, just pick up the Time Out Malaysia Restaurants Bars & Clubs from a newsstand near you for a mere RM 38!

Hurry! Get your copy NOW!

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