Oct 2, 2014

The Malaysian Pavilion For The Expo Milano 2015

Malaysia, will showcase its inclusive and sustainable development, and biodiversity at the Universal Exposition which will be held in Milan, Italy from 1 May to 31 October 2015.

This is the 8th time Malaysia will be participating in the Universal Exposition.
Expo Milano 2015
The Exposition Site of Expo Milano 2015, spans across approximately one million square meters and 1.5km in length.
To date, 144 countries, 3 International Organisations, 11 Nongovernmental organisations and 3 Corporate Pavilions have confirmed participation at this Expo which is expected to draw up to 20 million visitors.

The theme of the Expo Milano 2015 ā€˛Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life? is aligned with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and aims to have countries and exhibitors address the challenges of food security, sustainable development and innovation.

Malaysia's Pavillion
Malaysia?s pavilion will have the theme, "Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem". The theme will highlight Malaysia?s transformation agenda of sustainability and inclusiveness. Of essence is the dynamic between economic advancement and preservation of environment; and between biodiversity and commercial agriculture.

Through an open bidding process, the renowned Malaysian architectural firm, Hijjas Kasturi Associates, was chosen to design the Malaysian Pavilion. The design is fresh, unique and expected to hold its own in a crowded field of outstanding designs in Milan.
The design draws inspiration from the humble rice seed and the seeds of the rich tropical rainforest of Malaysia. The seed, symbolises growth, the beginning of a journey, and the potential within. This seed is a metaphor for Malaysia?s own economic transformation from one based primarily on commodities and agriculture through export-oriented industrialisation, and one driven by higher value-added industry.

The pavilion spreads over 2,047 square metres, takes the shape of four seeds. The curves of the design and the weaving patterns on the structure reflect the versatility and dynamism of the nation.
The construction of the pavilion itself is a green building, using locallysourced sustainable materials. The entire external structure of the seed will be constructed from ultra-light weight "Glulam" or glued laminated timber, produced by a Malaysian company.
Glulam possesses the inherently positive environmental characteristics common to all wood products but with the properties of steel structural materials.

As a structurally engineered timber product, the glue laminating process is able to produce a large single span of timber, a process not possible with solid sawn timber. Glulam material can create structural features to an almost limitless variety of straight and curved configurations.
The choice of Glulam, combined with the structurally complex design of our pavilion was deliberate so as to showcase Malaysian capabilities in both design and innovative materials.
The ramps and walkways of the Pavilion will be from reconstituted rice husk decking, a recycled material from paddy husks. Innovative design elements take advantage of the climate of the site and allow the interior to receive maximum daylight while maintaining a moderate temperature.

The journey through the seeds will be a discovery of Malaysia as a nation pursuing its socio-economic developmental goals in an innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.
In addition, visitors will also be treated to the colours of Malaysia through cultural performances, games and education programmes at the amphitheater. Visitors will also be able to savour the selection of Malaysian culinary delights.

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