Dec 30, 2009

Riding On The Waves At Desaru Resort

Desaru, Surfing is back again on the waters of the South China Sea with the 4th Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010 just lurking right after the New Year celebration. Organized by Bigfoot Industries and co-sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Johor, KEJORA and hosted by Desaru Golden Beach Hotel, the 4th Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010 will be held on January 2 & 3, 2010 at 8.00 am.

Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge started in early 2006 and now this water sport has grown into the most highly anticipated surf competition in Malaysia that has attracted surfers from Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, US, Hawaii, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia and a few more. The main objective of organizing this event is to introduce a new segment of water sports amongst locals, in particular the younger aged group and to carve it into a competitive sports and produce Malaysian surfers who can compete in the international front. At the same time, this event will help in the future development of water sports especially in the board sport category such as surfing, skateboarding and skim boarding. Other than that, it is also hoped that this event will create another tourism product which has attractive facets that is appealing to families of all ages, both local and international and finally to put Desaru Golden Beach Hotel in the surfing map worldwide and that it is able to host an international surfing competition of world class standards.

Desaru Golden Beach Hotel is blessed with the South China Sea where the waves are rough and high during the Monsoon season especially from late November till March, and this is ideal for surfers to ride the strong and high waves. Because of its perfect location that is perched at the tip of the south-eastern of the peninsular, surfers would experience the full magnitude of the northeast monsoon. Due to the short distance between Desaru Golden Beach Hotel and Singapore, it has now become a surfing haven amongst Singaporeans as well as expatriates who are working in Singapore to ply every weekend to surf. The journey from Singapore to Desaru is made so much easier and comfortable now with so many alternatives either by land (through Linkedua Bridge or Johor Causeway) or sea (by ferry from Changi Terminal to Tg Belungkor or Tanah Merah to Tg Pengelih).

The Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2009 had managed to lure some 3,000 spectators on the beach and it is expected that the upcoming Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010 will achieve a higher number. Spectators will not be disappointed as they will be watching professional and experienced international surfers who will portray awesome range of tricks and manoeuvres as they ride on the high waves.

We are expecting about 50 international and local surfers to compete in the upcoming surfing challenge and most of them are the die-hards and regulars of the competition eversince its debut in 2006. To-date, the Challenge has received confirmed participation from 25 surfers hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. In 2009, we saw 50 surfers competed in the Challenge who had come from Malaysia, Singapore, Hawaii, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. In 2008, we saw the highest number of participation of 72 surfers from Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Peru, Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan and England who had displayed great tricks and movements on the waters. When Monsoon Mayhem started in 2006, it finished with a bang with 32 surfers from Malaysia and Singapore. Consequently, this event has grown into a prestigious event of its own class with international recognition amongst surfers who would come every year to take part. High-calibre and distinguished judges, with a combined experience of over 100 years in the surfing industry, from the local region as well as overseas have been invited to the Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010. The judges are Joob from Thailand, Mike from Singapore, Derek from New Zealand, Pok Dik from Malaysia, and Taka from Japan.

There are five categories in the challenge and they are Men’s Shortboard Surfing Open, Men’s Longboard Surfing Open, Women’s Surfing Open, Grommet Surfing 16 years and under and finally the Bodyboard Open.

In conjunction with Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010, there are also other exciting events on its sidelines like a small flea market showcasing some of the local SMEs from Desaru and its nearby areas ranging from selling burgers and processed food items to wearing apparel and merchandise as well as handicrafts. Consequently, this will help improve the socio-economics of the local SMEs by way of the business spin-offs from the inflow of tourists, participants, surfing buffs and followers as well as spectators coming to support Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010. Other than that, there will also be music machine on the beach to set the mood in high spirits and energy.

Spectators are welcome to watch the Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010 at Desaru Golden Beach Hotel and enquiries can be channelled to 07-8221100/01 or 07-8223378. Registration is still open for those who are interested to partake in the competition and the entry fee is RM50 per person. The other sponsors of the 4th Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2010 are Café Le Caire,Unkl347, Fatimah Mohsin Bridal Gallery and SempoiBoogie Boardriders Club. For more information about the Challenge please go to

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