May 15, 2019


REDANG ISLAND, TERENGGANU, MAY 2019 The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort has once again organised the annual Redang Island Conservation Day (RICD 2019) from 3 to 5 May 2019 after a successful one in 2018. The objective of this event is to preserve the island’s marine environment, as well as the land around it. A total of 70 participants, media, sponsors, supporters and volunteers came together and did their part to give back to Mother Nature. With Trash Hero Malaysia as the NGO Partner, representatives from Berjaya Tioman Resort, Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia and Polis Diraja Malaysia were also present to show their support towards the event.

The ocean is another world beneath the waves and coral reefs have been the source for nourishing food, needful medicines, sustainable economy and beautiful vacation sites. They also contribute towards protecting life on land against tsunamis and tropical storms. It is the foundation of cultures, a seemingly infinite source of inspiration, an invaluable library of life’s mysteries and a rich source of resilience against environmental changes.

General Manager, Mr. Pravir Mishra quotes, “It is very crucial that we continuously protect and preserve our marine environment for our future generations to come, together with our beautiful beaches on Redang Island. To protect the local marine life is to ensure that visitors from all over the world can continue to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Malaysia for generations to come.”

The divers will perform three underwater clean-ups, two at The Taaras House Reef and one in the wreck. They will dedicate themselves to keep our waters clean as so not to harm our marine life. They will put all efforts to clear the marine debris underwater, as well as look out for any ghost nets which are a constant threat to our marine life.

The non-divers on the other hand will be doing their part by cleaning up the beach as much as they can and ensuring that washed up trash from the ocean is fully cleaned from the beach to prevent it from going back to the sea which could affect the growth of the corals and endanger the marine life that is living around the area. Two clean-ups will be conducted in Teluk Kerma and one clean-up in Teluk Dalam Besar.

Malaysia is one of the most affluent countries in the South-East Asia region. Its growth has been influenced by its abundant and rich coral reef and shallow tropical marine resources. Most of the development that is occurring in Malaysia is concentrated in the narrow coastal zone, making this a key area in the issues affecting the sustainability of this development. The coastal zone environments, including coral reefs, are exposed to a suite of anthropogenic impacts and threats. This coastal zone is not limited to the maritime areas of the mainland, but instead extends to cover the multitude of islands including Redang Island.

In conjunction with RICD 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between Berjaya Hotels & Resorts and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) for the housing of SEATRU Turtle Lab at The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. It was launched in 2018 to provide sea turtle conservation and to educate guests on the plight of the sea turtle. The lab is managed by The Taaras’ very own marine biologist who works with a team of SEATRU

Scientists and trained research assistants from UMT.

This event has been endorsed by Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Terengganu. Various corporations also joined hands to support this good cause such as Sports Toto Malaysia, Cosway Malaysia, Starbucks Malaysia, GoPro Malaysia, FFM Berhad, Miracle Spectrum Sdn Bhd, Livecube Global Sdn Bhd, Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, WWF Malaysia and Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU).

The Taaras Beach and Spa Resort, the only 5-star resort in Redang Island with a private beach, managed by Berjaya Group of Hotels & Resorts, aims to contribute towards preserving these coral reefs in the island. It is through this objective that we have and hold dearly to our hearts, have made Redang Island Conservation Day 2019 a reality with the help of our partner, sponsors and supporters. We hope to continue this legacy in years to come as well.

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