Oct 2, 2014

Malaysian Pavilion Fact Sheet


Background of the Expo Milano 2015

• The Italian Government was selected as the host for the World Expo in 2015 and invited Malaysia to participate in this Expo. This Expo will be held in Milano, Italy from 1 May to 31 October 2015.

 • The Expo?s theme is Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life which intends to address the universal and complex theme of food and nutrition from a historical, cultural, anthropological, medical, technical, scientific, economic and environmental point of view.

• Seven sub-themes of the main theme of the Expo Milano 2015 are as follows:

i. Science and technology for food safety, security and quality;
ii. Science and technology for agriculture and biodiversity;
iii. Innovation in the agro-food supply chain;
iv. Dietary education;
v. Food for better lifestyles;
vi. Food and culture; and
vii. Cooperation and development on food.
• With the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" Expo Milano 2015 seeks to provide answers to a fundamental question:
"Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all humankind?"

• The theme of Expo Milano 2015 is closely connected with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

• Sustainability and innovation permeate all the sub-themes. Sustainability and innovation represent two essential elements of how the theme will be deployed throughout Expo Milano 2015.

• To date, 144 countries, 3 International Organisations, 11 Non-governmental organisations and 3 Corporate Pavilions has confirmed their participation at
this Expo and the Organiser is expecting up to 20 million people to visit the Expo.

• For further information about EXPO MILANO 2015, visit http://en.expo2015.org

Malaysia's Participation

• In September 2012, the Cabinet agreed for Malaysia to participate in the Expo Milano 2015 and MITI was identified as the coordinating agency.

• This is in line with Malaysia?s focus on promotion of trade and investment.

• Objectives of participation are to:

i. promote Malaysia as an advanced nation and as the preferred
investment destination;
ii. showcase Malaysia?s diverse capabilities and counter negative
publicity i.e. palm oil, forest products;
iii. highlight technological advancements and innovation;
iv. promote tourism and hospitality industry;and
v. showcase Malaysia?s cultural heritage & traditions.
 Malaysian Pavilion Theme

• Theme of Participation: Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem.

• The theme will highlight Malaysia?s transformation agenda of sustainability and inclusiveness by focusing on various efforts undertaken under the Economic Transformation Programme?s National Key Economic Areas especially agriculture, palm oil and rubber sectors, tourism and business.

• Of essence is the dynamic between economic advancement and preservation of environment; and between biodiversity and commercial agriculture.

• Malaysia?s rich and diverse cultural heritage is also evident through its culinary traditions and food is very much embedded in Malaysian culture and the Pavilion will carry that theme as well.

Malaysian Pavilion Design

• The Pavilion design of „Rainforest Seed? was chosen through an open bidding. It was designed by the renowed Malaysian architectural firm, Hijjas Kasturi Associates.

• The design drew inspiration from the humble seed. Seed, a symbol of growth, signifies a beginning of a journey, and the potential within.  

• This seed is a metaphor for Malaysia?s own economic transformation from one based primarily on commodities and agriculture through export-oriented industrialisation, and one driven by higher value-added industry .

• The architectural design incorporates green and sustainable features in line with the sustainability theme of the Expo.

Materials for the Pavilion Construction

• The construction of the pavilion itself conforms to sustainable building practices by using locally-sourced sustainable materials from Malaysia. The entire external structure of the seed will be constructed from ultra-light weight "Glulam" or glued laminated timber, produced completely by a Malaysian company.

• Glulam possesses the inherently positive environmental characteristics common to all wood products but with the properties of steel structural materials, and the ability to create structural features in a variety of straight and curved configuration.

 • Glulam is advantageous mostly because of its inherent combination of favorable design aesthetics of wood as well as its increased structural qualities. It allows for stronger and taller wooden structures.

• The choice of Glulam, combined with the structurally complex of our pavilion in Expo Milano 2015, was deliberate so as to showcase Malaysian capabilities in both design and innovative materials. • The ramps and walkways of the Pavilion will be from reconstituted rice husk decking, a recycled material from paddy.

Pavilion Walkthrough

• The journey through the seeds will be a discovery of Malaysia as a nation pursuing its socio-economic developmental goals in an innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Seed 1 - Nature and Nurture
Visitors will be introduced to Malaysia and its diverse culture and heritage.
Seed 2 - Protect and Preserve
This will be followed by a virtual immersion experience that will entice visitors with tranquility of the rainforest and educate them on environmental preservation.
Seed 3 - Present and Future
The journey moves into another phase where visitors will be able to witness the real story of Malaysia?s economic development policies, technological advancement and intelligent innovations for future sustainable growth. In addition to exhibits of innovative Malaysian products , business events will be held at the Pavilion for the benefit of business visitors.
Seed 4 - Culture and Heritage
Visitors will be entertained with colours of Malaysia through cultural performances, games and education programmes at the amphitheater. There will also be a selection of Malaysian culinary delights reflecting the vast gastronomic diversity of multi-ethnic cuisines at a dedicated food and beverages area.

Sustainability and Green

• In line with the Expo?s main theme, the Malaysian Pavilion adopts a healthy green internal and external environment. This is evident through the green design development, materials selection, energy efficiency in the Pavilion?s day to day operations and the health and environment aspects taken into consideration for the interiors and finishes.

• Innovative design elements take advantage of the climate of the site and allow the interior to receive maximum daylight while maintaining a moderate temperature due to the usage of these sustainable and environment friendly materials. It contributes towards energy efficiency.
• This reduces the space?s dependence on artificial lighting and further reduces its operational carbon footprint.

For further information on MALAYSIA PAVILION, visit www.malaysiapavilion2015.com.my

15 MAY 2014


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