Mar 19, 2018


Malaysia's first ever world-classlive performance - "FANTASY RAINFOREST" promote the unique, and multiculturalism of the country. This is an approximately 10 million ringgit cost live performance that interspersed with acrobatics, street dance, gymnastics, bamboo dance, and magic show. Let’s enjoy the Malaysia Rainforest’s unique rhapsody together with Malaysia's multicultural elements, flora and fauna. The authentic Malaysian cultures will be presented to you.

Malaysia is blessed with abundant natural resources. The rainforest covering two-third of its surface is known as one of the oldest in the world – as ancient as 130 million years old. Besides, it also serves as the habitat for nearly 20% species of animals in the world. By understanding Malaysia, you will fall in love with Malaysia, a place that full of vitality, a place that melt all races and religion as one. Malaysia, a homeland for Malays, Indians, Chinese and other ethnic, we respect each other, we love each other, and we live in harmony. Besides that, Malaysian had been influence by the multiculturalism, it not only made us a gastronomical paradise but also a variety of cultural festival, and this is why Malaysian love celebration and social, why Malaysian are temperament elegant, warm and friendly.

FANTASY RAINFOREST”, encapsulates the concept of “love”, “tolerance” and “harmony” through the role of a hunter. The storyline begins with a harmonious state in the Malaysian rainforest, in which the aboriginal people and wildlife are living together peacefully. However, the harmony is later stirred by a hunter who sets up traps to poach the endangered animals in Malaysia - Malayan tigers, monkeys, peacocks and other animals,and he even shoot the Malaysia’s national bird – the hornbill with a shotgun and caused the anger among the aborigines. The hunter then suffer the consequences himself, he caught by the traps set himself and arrested by the aborigines. However, with the theme of ‘Love’ and ‘Harmony’, hornbills did not choose to hurt the hunter but to forgive him. At last, the hunter had hand his gun down and join to be part of the big family and live together peacefully.

The story represents the harmony in Malaysia – people of all races live together in peace and accept each other’s differences, subsequently bringing forth a beautiful Malaysia. In addition, the "FANTASY RAINFOREST" also presents the unique flora of Malaysiahibiscus, Rafflesia, rainforest vine and others. A 60 minutes live performance, consist of amazing performance such as gymnastics, somersaults and magic show, a team of 30 performers who dressed in traditional costumes which to reveal their true strength, are ready for you.


1.Encapsulates and enlivens the rich cultural and natural heritage of Malaysia.

2.An approximately 10 million-ringgit production, a world-class theatre design, lighting system and huge LEC screen.

3.Features amazing acrobatic stunts, hip-hop, double gymnastic, magic show, aerial silk and so on.

4.Promotes understanding of the “national treasure” of Malaysia – hornbill, Malayan tiger, Rafflesia, hibiscus, aboriginal people and so on.

5.Aerial silk – beautiful melody, enchanting movements and adrenaline-charged stunts to stimulate your sense of vision.

6.Double gymnastic – a high level art of balancing. Difficult movements and actions such as the throwing-and-catching action, mid-air somersault are executed in sync with the melody.

7.Bamboo dance – As the pair of dancers hops out of the bamboo sticks, the people who hold the bamboo sticks will cheer loudly, creating a very majestic ambience.

8.Interactive magic show further immerses the audience in the show.

9.Energetic tribal dances – ancient and vigorous dance movements which showcase the Malaysian culture of the olden days.

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