Jan 20, 2022

Malaysia Tourism Key Performance Indicators 2020

The closure border and the implementation of Movement Control Order since 18th March 2020 to curb further outbreaks of COVID-19 in the country has restricted the movement of travellers. In total, Malaysia received 4,332,722 international tourists arrival a decrease of (-83.4%) compared to same period of time in 2019. For the top 5 markets, Singapore recorded the highest arrivals with 1.55 million, a decrease of (-84.8%), followed by Indonesia with 711,723 (-80.4%), China 405,149 (-87.0%), Thailand 394,413 (-79.1%) and India 155,883 (-78.8%).

In terms of total expenditure, Malaysia recorded RM12.69 billion, a decrease of (-85.3%). Tourists from Singapore recorded the highest total expenditure with RM2.71 billion (-86.8%), followed by Indonesia with RM1.95 billion (-84.9%), China RM 1.82 billion (-88.1%), India RM 741.9 million (-79.5%) and Thailand RM 605.2 million (-84.7%).

This publication highlights the key data for readers to further understand Malaysia’s tourism performance in 2020.

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