1Malaysia Contemporary Arts Tourism Festival

02 July 2013 - 30 September 2013

1MCAT, our country’s premier contemporary art festival, is back with more exciting art to please the senses, ignite conversation and stir thought. An unusual tourism product, the festival’s goal is to introduce foreign visitors to a gripping facet of the country.

Activities this year will take place in shopping malls around Kuala Lumpur, and there will also be art fairs, auctions and exhibitions during the three-month period. This year’s 1MCAT also introduces a novel new feature, a 1MCAT Art Tour Shuttle, which will ferry visitors from selected hotels to Shopping Complexes in the capital.

To encourage attendance, entrance to almost all the festival events are free, and visitors – both foreign and local – are encouraged to take in as much as they can.

Activities & Calendar of Events

Contemporary Art – The Futurist Art Tourism Competition

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